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ChoiceTrade Direct Pro

Best for: Traders who want speed, reliability, integrated trading services, options trading (basic) as well as traders requiring flexible configuration.

  • Range Order - a stop order and a target  price order at the same time.
  • Basket Orders - execute a queue of orders at the same time from multiple baskets.
  • Reserve Orders - showing only a part of the available size, permitting subscribers to enter large orders  that can be displayed and executed in part.
  • Alert-contingent orders - order that are tied to customized alerts.

Key Standard Features:

Overview: ChoiceTrade Direct Pro is direct access trading software with excellent administration flexibility that is useful for implementing sub-accounts set-ups.  Purpose built for fast Level II trading of equities and single-leg options with full order routing capability.

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Direct Pro offers convenient order automation.  This includes:

Software platform - not Web based

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