Some Good Reasons to Trade with Us

Low Commissions

$5 trades – Stocks and Options

(options: add $0.15 per contract)
regardless of account size


ChoiceTrade is a pioneer and an innovator in the online brokerage market. Our flagship products, exclusive to ChoiceTrade, include Power Basket, WatchPlus, the Options Strategy Identifier and super-advanced orders that offer the ability to program conditions and contingencies far beyond conventional brokerage capabilities.

Real-time Buying Power

We calculate your stock and option buying power in real time. You can always know your buying power without having to call in.

Fast, Seamless Execution

We employ high-capacity, fully redundant systems so all trades are executed quickly, securely and accurately.

Account Protection

ChoiceTrade accounts are protected by the SIPC up to $500,000 ($100,000 cash maximum).

Customer Service

Get real-time, personal support from experts with the know-how and expertise to answer any question you may have. We understand that you want less words and more actions.

Get-it-done Focuse

All of our efforts focus on providing you with the most fundamental basics — getting trades on, fast, accurately and with good fills.

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